The sunny art room tour

Here's a look around my old classroom. I taught Art 1, Art 2, and Art for 7th graders in here. This where all the magic happens!

A binder for each class with copies of all my handouts, calendars, lessons, examples.

File drawers divided by course. Each folder was devoted to a different handout in each unit.

Our school did "spartan targets" which were our learning targets for the day, simplified into I can statements. It was kind of brilliant. It helped me as a teacher figure out what our overall goal was for the day.

Magnet signs for each element and principle. When I demonstrated a technique or introduced an assignment, I would pull the element/principle out that applied and include it in my board presentation.

Picture files.  You can read more about it in this post.

Student portfolios. It's a poster board folded in half and stapled up the sides. We made these the first week. This is where they kept all their assignments. They would pick them up at the beginning of each class.

These cabinets held the portfolios. Divided by class period.

Colored pencil boxes for each table in our room. One per table meant less getting up to run around and sharpen your pencil.

Paint supplies stayed divided into plastic bins. Palettes, water cups, paint.

More plastic bins were kept in a locked cabinet since they were used every day.  One bin each for glue, crayons, more colored pencils, and scissors.

Random objects for observational drawing.

Our main hub area. 

On the top was extra/free drawing paper, sheets of our daily prompts when we sketched different art as a warm up, rulers, and binders containing the daily warm ups so people could draw them if they missed a day.

The turn in area. Two cubbies for each class, one to turn in one to give back graded assignments.

Our storage closet with all the extra supplies.

Emergency sub plans.