A sketchbook look

I'm going to share more of my sketchbook with you folks. It houses a lot of random things and thoughts. It's always on my desk and I use it a lot, especially to test colors while I'm painting. So here's a look in. I have a bajillion sketchbooks. This one I've had since November of 2012 I think. It's full. I need another. I have about 20 filled journals and sketchbook on my bookshelf. I can't help it. 

This was with my computer's webcam, so eh, the text is backwards. Oh well this time.

From the first day I got my gouache paint. I didn't want to go to bed. I felt jipped that for all these years I didn't know about it.

 More from my first date with gouache. Had to do some birds of course.

This page? I don't even know where it came from.

Ya that's a bearded baby.

The day I got a bottle of neon yellow paint. Love neon!

This page in particular...I remember drawing all of things while I was feeling overwhelmed with all of my household duties. I was drawing all this stuff that consumed my life at the point and now it seems funny.   Among it all included the tv show The Office (all time fan here), laundry, sweeping, feeding our boy, blowing bubbles, and cleaning binkies. It's a beautiful life, ha.

This last page I've used as a palette many times when I didn't feel like getting a real one wet. Ya I'm lazy a lot with my paint use.

One day my husband and I had a little drawing session together. We decided we would draw a nerdy bird.  I want to frame his.