Art activities the last week of school

What do you do the last week of school with your students?

Keeping students engaged the last week (and myself to be honest) can be tough since they are wired and springing about singing the tunes of summer.  All of their work is graded and finished so what are we to do? I planned several fun art projects for us to do that were both FUN and could be done in a day or two.  You don't have to be an art teacher to do these projects.  Sorry for my crummy photos. Today was the last day of school (happy summer dance!) and all my good pictures are on my school computer.

Here was our schedule:

Monday: Make TAPE sculptures!  It's pretty easy, there are tutorials online for this. I'm sorry I didn't get more photos of the process to explain it all!

Tuesday: Finish tape sculptures and display them in the school in random places.  We posed some with clothes from lost and found.  Our tape people sat on the benches and were flying through windows.  They were hilarious and all the other students walking by thought they were real people. I didn't get a picture! Shame on me!

image from artplace4kids

Wednesday: Bring sticks. Dip them in ink and draw on big paper! Do it outside in case you spill!

Thursday: Drawing contest outside with sidewalk chalk

Friday: Last day! Sign yearbooks and run around like crazy

These final 3 projects are some of my students favorites.  I like to end the year with a bang. I try to take them out to do sidewalk chalk art when the weather is nice either in September or May.  The inbetween months in Utah are TOO cold! Or unreliable.  Whatever you do the last week of school, make it memorable!  That's the last time many of them will be in my class so I want it to have a lasting impression on them.  Have a great summer everybody!