Cardboard sculptures diy

You can make almost any form starting with two basic pieces of cardboard like here on the left.

After doing this and having lots of leftover cardboard, possibilities are endless! Make a play kitchen for my son? a rocket ship? a playhouse? Cardboard is pretty much free and has lots of potential.

For the cardboard sculpture project:
1.Make a side profile and what you would see from the front.  
2. Cut up halfway on one piece and down halfway on the other. 
3. Slide them together.
4. Add hot glue at your seams to secure it.
5. Keep going adding additional pieces.  
6. Spray paint your final piece, add details with acrylic paint.

This is one of my students' favorite projects.  I get loads of cardboard at the school from ordering and such.  If you're short cardboard, there's plenty of people wiling to get rid of it.  I have stacks of boxes we didn't use cause I was given so much! The lunch ladies at my school set aside lots of boxes for me too.  They go through lots of huge boxes to feed all these hungry kiddos.  

1. Use scissors.  Exacto knives aren't really necessary, most cuts can be done with regular scissors.
2. Use hot glue guns, I had about 3 plugged in for a class of 20.  We didn't any many issues with lots of people waiting to glue since they were ready at different times.  
3. Letting 9th graders spray paint is a happy day.  They think it's so cool.  Make sure you warn your principal before they find spray paint on the grass and think someone was doing graffiti (woops).