Hey there! Welcome welcome.  This blog has sort of evolved overtime as many do I suppose. It started out as my way to share my art lessons and student works with the world. Now I share more of my personal art endeavors along with diy projects, family life, and whatever else we have going on.  My years as an art teacher taught me a lot I'll never forget.   You can still view my old art classroom in the sunny art room tour tab.

Until I go back to teaching, whenever that will be, I'll be applying my skills to our family life. Most days you'll find me with our little boy, selling my artwork through my  etsy shop, painting, doing whatever sort of diy project I can get my hands on, playing outside in the sprinkler, or fulfilling my church calling. I'll try anything and I'd like to be good at everything.

I'm twenty something, married to Mr. Right and we have a gorgeous little boy.