Funnest project ever! Sidewalk chalk: "I wish I could..."

70 degrees and sunny? Play outside at school? Don't mind if I do!  Such pretty weather called for class outside. Luckily art class let's you do that kind of thing =) We did sidewalk chalk! But with a special goal in mind.

In the past I had done sidewalk chalk drawings with my students, but I really didn't know what to tell them to draw.  It was sort of a free for all and I'd end up with people writing junk like "i love justin beiber" and "ur mom"  (right outside the principal's office!! Bad Mrs. Chinn, very bad)

So rather than us drawing random crap, they had to draw their answer to "I wish I could..."  This was my favorite day.  I was inspired by this photo I found on pinterest:

After they finished their drawings, I went around with a ladder the custodians let me borrow so I could get a decent perspective over them.  I think climbing up on the ladder for pictures gave me a small phobia of ladders. Scary! But worth it for fun pictures. Check it out!