Best, easiest, cutest handmade baby gift tutorial

I realized when my son was born, some baby items were nice to have, some not necessary, others essential! What I couldn't live without were burp cloths, my son spit up a lot and went through a lot of them.

I got several different kinds of burp cloths from folks. Some were soft minky type fabric, some were small, but my absolute favorite kinds were the ones made from padded cloth diapers. They're so absorbent, they're soft and the perfect size. I could have one all day, use it for multiple spit ups and it was still not super wet. My mom showed me how to make these a few years ago. They're so easy. I'm no professional seamstress but I can do this! I keep a stash of these on hand to give to friends having babies. They are seriously the best.

The above photo is of some burp clothes, hats, and headbands I made for a friend. She died over them and was so super excited. I got all the fabric from Joann's and from an old t-shirt.

To make the hats I used this tutorial from make it love it.

I can't find the original link where I made the headbands, but I love this tutorial from The Sweeter side of Mommyhood.

As for the burp cloths, let's get started shall we!

     -Gerber brand pre folded 3 ply diapers, not the flat kind, those are big like blankets. I can find these at wal-mart, 10 for $12. You might have to hunt, but they're in the baby section.
     -Fat quarters of fabric. I love these because they're just the right length. They're only a buck at Joann's, and you can get a bunch of different colors/designs.
     -Fabric scissors
     -Sewing machine

Step one:

Lay out your fabric on the cloth diaper. I'm never very precise with this, I just line of the fat quarter over the center of the cloth diaper. I can usually get about 3 burp cloths made with one fat quarter.

 Step two:

Cut your fabric so it's about a 1/2" to 3/4" bigger than the strip in the middle of the cloth diaper. Make sure you leave enough fabric hanging off the edge of the cloth diaper.

Step three:

Fold under your extra 1/2" to 3/4" of fabric to make a nice straight edge. Pin it down. Do this around the whole strip of fabric. You could iron it, but I don't think it matters that much when you're doing something small like this.

Fold under the corners so they lay flat.

Step four:

Start in a corner. And sew about a 1/4" away from the edge of your fabric fold. any more than that and the fabric tends to flip up and doesn't look as nice. I always use a white thread cause I like the contrast, but you could use a coordinating thread if that fancies you! Sew all the way around!

Sewing tip:

When you get to the corners, don't cut thread and start all over. Just lift your sewing foot with the needle still in the fabric and turn it the direction you want to keep sewing! My high school art teacher taught me that and it saves me so much time!

Looks good enough for me!

Ta da you're done in no time at all! And then you have an adorable, cost effective, baby gift. Each one really only costs about $2 each! Not bad, not bad at all.