do it yourself jello cups

My mom is a health nut. Standard "desserts" at our house were light yogurt and jello cups. She'd always have mini chocolate chips on hand to put in the yogurt. It's really good and is a very low calorie treat! She'd buy sugar free jello and light whipped topping.  I'd get in trouble for sticking my finger in the new whipped cream.

I was craving some jello and whipped cream recently. In our 4 years of marriage, I have NEVER made jello. I bought it once for some recipe and then never made it. So this box of jello has been sitting in the cabinet forever. Light bulb!

I also had on hand some glad snack cups that are the perfect personal size treat container. Bought them to use for baby boy's lunches while I was working and they are pretty fabulous. So naturally I filled them with jello. Step by step here it is, pretty easy.

1.Follow the instructions for making the jello.
2. Pour the mixture from the saucepan straight into the glad snack cups.
3. Put the lid on and stick'em in the fridge.
4. Your treat is ready in a couple hours.

If you buy a 4-pack of jello in the fridge section of wal-mart, it's typically 2.98.
One box of regular jello is 66 cents. That one little box made me 7 jello cups. Do the math and

each little cup is only 9 cents. Badabing.

Plus calorie wise with sugar free jello, it'll only cost you 25 calories total (that's WITH light whipped cream on top).  However the sugar free jello costs like 1.28.  But still a good deal and only around 100 calories.

 Happy snacking!!!